Kieler Woche – ”Der Trailer für 2015”

kieler woche 2015

Det blir många seglingar i Kiel även i år:
With more and more world championships taking place in Kiel, the city emphasizes its application to host the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2024 or 2028.  Just like in the previous year with a record number of participants for the ORC Worlds and the following SAP 505 Worlds, there will again be two high-class world championships as part of the extensive sailing program on the Kiel Fjord this year.  The sailing program in Kiel for 2015 will start with the Maior Regatta (1. to 3. May), followed by the Young Europeans Sailing (23. to 25. May) and the J/80 (4. to 10. July) and F18 World Championships (11. to 18. July).  For three months, the focus will be completely on the high-end sailing sport. And the highlight will be once again – since 133 years – the Kieler Woche in the last week of June (20. to 28.).   >>

Race calendar of the Kieler Woche 2015 (20. to 28. June)
Olympic part, EUROSAF Champions Sailing Cup: 20. to 24. June:
Charly: 470 M+W, Finn M
Echo: Laser Std. M, Laser Rad. W
Golf: 2.4mR (open), Sonar (open)
Hotel: 49er M
Juliett: Nacra 17 Mix, 49erFX W

International part  (25. to 28. June)
Charlie: 505, FD
Echo: 420
Foxtrott: J/24, Folkboat, H-boat
Golf: Musto Performance Skiff, RS 800
Hotel: 29er
India: Contender, OK dinghy
Juliett: Europe, Laser Radial (open), Laser 4.7
Kilo: Formula 18, Hobie 16, A-Cat

Offshore courses (20. to 27. June):
20. – 21. June: Welcome Race (ORC Club I-IV, Albin Ballad, Multihull)
20. – 23. June: Kiel Cup Foxtrott (Melges 24, J/70, J/80, Albin Express, SB 20, Platu 25)
22. to 24. June: Kiel-Cup Alpha (ORC Int. I-IV)
25.- 26. June: ”Silbernes Band” (ORC Club I-IV)
27. June: ”Senatspreis” (ORC Club I-IV)



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